The Collections


Arcs and Crests

Curves of color play with notes of vibrant contrast. These pieces are about music and energy and being swept away in a new song.  They are an experiment in using color as a record of movement and gesture.


Title: Arcs Awash
Medium: watercolor
Size (h w d): 24 x 18 in


A line is a simple and complex instrument. It is the divider between two planes, the link between two points in space. A line is as mathematical as it is visceral. Line is balance and struggle. It is the most basic building block of written language and Art. Line is the guide to understanding my work.

Title: Et Vestibulum Ejus in Fugam: the Arches
Medium: pigment, wax, etchings, colored penicl, graphite, arcylic medium
Size (h w d): 36 x 24 in

depths unseen

The Cosmos, great stretches of space filled with worlds and information that we can only barely observe. I adore the vastness, mystery and majesty of Space and our need to understand as much as we can of it. This series, Depths Unseen, is an ongoing homage to my never ending fascination of Space.

Title: to barely touch and yet to change
Medium: oil on canvas
Size (h w d): 29 x 59 in